Welcome to Thai Tanic Restaurant @ Logan Circle

Thai Tanic Restaurant was open for its business in March 2001 it was the time of the 14 street corridors just beginning to flourishes. It only a hand full of small business were around on the stress of Thomas circle thru Florida Ave. on 14 street most of the business men thought that 14 street was not a designable area to be but we see it differently.

Thai Tanic Restaurant

We are a small establishment who want to be part of community. Thai tanic is the place that you can come to get a very good food at very affordable price in the unique of its own image and charm. Thai tanic is the place that you can be very comtable even you are by yourself, or be in the company with your friend and love one.

You! As our customer that makes us what it is today. Because of that reason on behalf of my staff, myself, and my family we would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for all this year for you who's live near and those who's far. We are considering a great privilege to serve you and to have you as ours customer.